Welcome to ManScouts...

Our creed:

  • Respect and enjoy each other, and the environment,
  • If you make it hard on a fellow ManScout, consider it a compliment,
  • Hugs and compliments in public define a moral society,
  • Say what you feel, including, "No thank you,"
  • Public whining is a no, no.


Has metamorphosed into the BillyClub Gathering at Rancho Cicada


Although this gathering is now run by the Billys, many of the same principles apply. There is a link to the Billy way of life is HERE.

The idea of Man Scouts is to get men together in a community or gathering. It is our chance to get away from this straight dominated society to play and enjoy intimate time together. "We gather together to let the experience take us wherever we want to go."

Man Scouts has previously been held in the Sierra Nevada Foothills near Plymouth, California on forty-four acres of land with the Consumnes river running right through the property. It is very private, at the end of a one-mile private road. The retreat is 1 1/2 hour drive East of Sacramento, and a 2 1/4 hour drive from most of the Bay area.

The property has nature trails, sunning rocks on the river, and faboo swimming holes. Gardens are everywhere with a focus on native plants (assuming their isn't a drought). We take our prepared meals on a large redwood deck overlooking the river. The acre of lawn along the river is perfect for sunning, massage, all sorts of games (including strip croquette), and cool napping in hammocks. Besides swimming in the many swimming holes, you can inner tubing down the gorge or play on the super size air rafts, or let your Zen-side take over and construct river rock sculptures. Our hosts will give guided nature and historical walks to upper areas of the river. There is a hot tub under the stars and a roaring campfire to toast your buns or marshmallows. All meals are provided starting with dinner Friday which is served late for Friday night arrivals. The last meal is lunch on Monday. Vegetarian meals are offered with 3 week prior notice. We will have a 5 o'clock wine and hors d’oeuvres party on Saturday. You may wear jewels to this one.

Dining overlooking the river

The retreat has room for 50 people. We stay in tent cabins. They are a 8’x10’ tents, each on a platform with a covered mattress (single or double) and a chair. The tent cabins are very comfortable and zip up tightly. A large central restroom facility with private toilets and hot showers is shared by all scouts. This is luxury camping, but if you want more, there are also two cabins with private bath and generous entertaining space available. Email for more details because they go fast. You are welcome to bring and set up your own tent on the grounds. There are refrigerators available to store personal foods, snacks, or items that need to be kept cold.  Wines from the vineyard next door (Storey Vineyards) are available for purchase with dinner (MasterCard and Visa only).

Man Scouts is as active as you want it to be. If there is something that you would like to do with the other men, just bring you plans, any materials, and set it up. We will have a bulletin board set up where you can announce any activity that you would like to see happen.

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Wanna carry a gun with your buddy, get drunk, pretend you didn't do the nasty?
They don't allow whining either...